Tour the Big Island of Hawaii with Native Guide Hawaii. Native Hawaiian owned and operated, we offer personal tours to all the best places on the Big Island of Hawaii! Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Kilauea Volcano, the Puna Coast, Waipi'o Valley, Mauna Kea, and more.



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One person $300

Parties of two or more

$150 per person

*Posted rates apply to scheduled tours and adventures only. Customized itineraries may incur additional expenses.
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*Add $5.00 per person for Volcano Adventure. (Park entrance fee)

*Rates subject to change.



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You can call us, email or write us. Let us know what Adventure you're interested in, how many are in your party, and what day you would like to go. We will check our schedules and get back to you within 24 hours. If all looks well, we will see you the day of the tour and you can make your payment then. We accept Cash and Travelers Checks. We do not accept Credit Cards or Personal Checks.

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" I had high expectations and Warren totally exceeded them. I would highly recommend Native Guide Hawaii to anyone, and plan to do so in the upcoming travel guidebook for Hunter Publishing, Adventure Guide to the Big Island of Hawaii."

Jen Reeder & Bryan Fryklund

“Warren helped make my parent's 50th anniversary a big success. We hired him for a private tour on the Big Island (Hawai'i) for our one-day stop in Hilo. It was a highlight of our 8-day trip through the islands! Warren customized everything for us, was flexible and so completely and thoroughly knowledgable. I wouldn't hesitate one instant to hire him again when returning to Hawai'i!”

John Talbot

“We hired Warren for a tour of the volcanic areas on the Big Island, and I'll have to say that we were skeptical at first. My wife and I are amateur naturalists and botanists, so we are very interested in the technical details of what we are seeing. The tour that he took us on greatly exceeded our expectations. Warren has an outstanding breadth of knowledge about everything we came across. Plants, birds, geography, minerology - he understood everything we came across and explained it all in wonderful detail. Not only that, but he took us to places that we never would have found ourselves. Hidden lava tube caves, crater vistas, special plants in out of the way corners, I just wish that the day had been longer so that he could have shown us more. We rarely hire a "guide" when we go to new places, we prefer to explore on our own, and be able to spend as much time as we want looking in nooks and crannies. If we ever get the chance to go back, I know that we'll be hiring Warren again. OUTSTANDING!”

Charlie Russel

“I had the priviledge of hiring Warren as a guide while My wife and I were visiting Hawaii in 2010. He enjoyed his work and that showed in the personal touches he provided. He gave us a tour of Hawaii's Volcano National Park. Prior to our visiting the park, I mentioned my interest in wood turning and without asking Warren made a side trip to a well known turner on the island. This added to the trip and his knowledge of the islands both historically and personally, having grown up on the islands and now raising a family there were unsurpassed. I would highly recommend Warren as he is delightful to work with and adds so much to his work.”

Mike Sicko

“My wife and I had a fantastic experience with Warren. We were priviledged to be able to explore areas of the Big Island that would not have been possible without Warren's local knowledge and expertise. We are not particularly physically fit and Warren was able to cater for our day out accordingly. If you get the chance, I strongly recommend spending a day of your vacation with Warren. It will be worth it. Andy Fryer, August 2011”

Andy Fryer

“Warren is an excellent guide with endless knowledge of Volcano National Park and everything Hawaii that you can think of. He provides a unique tour service with a native Hawaiian perspective that you could not possibly get while riding on a tour bus or exploring the island yourself. Highly Recommended.”

Jason Rhine

“As an older person with some disabilities, I found Warren to be caring and helpful. He is a delightful man with extensive knowledge of, and love for, the Big Island of Hawaii. Spending a day with Warren is like a slice of heaven for me. He takes care of everything and I learn and see so much. I love the Big Island and have visited there annually for over 25 years. Since I met Warren, I would not dream of going there without spending a day with him. He's terrific.”

Gail Boggs

“If you're visiting the Big Island in Hawaii, Warren Costa is the best choice! He took my group on a tour of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, and it was my favorite part of the trip! Warren's knowledge of the Big Island is immense. You can tell he has spent his life there. I learned so many interesting facts about the island. He is a wonderful tour guide. So personable, entertaining and comfortable. Our group enjoyed every moment with him. He can personalize the tour to your needs and requests. And the lava lunch was so delightful! He took us to the most beautiful spot! I would hire him again for my next trip. I highly recommend Warren Costa to anyone visiting the Big Island.”

Janelle Wang

“My husband and I have gone on three journeys with Warren. He is fun, knowledgeable and adds a personal touch to your day with him. I have thoroughly enjoyed every experience we have had. I would recommend Warren for anyone wanting an upclose and personal experience on the Big Island! Warren will give the history and Hawaiian view of what you are seeing and experiencing. Warren is the best!!”

Ellen Goldhirsh

“Warren provided us a memorable and thoroughly enjoyable tour experience of the big island's volcano region. He made it so easy to arrange a tour from many thousands of miles away and executed the plans flawlessly, making us comfortable from the first emails to the last aloha at the airport. He is knowledgeable, personable, and professional. We are pleased to recommend his guide services.”

Dave Tompkins

“Warren was a very personable guide from beginning to end. We left our tour feeling excited about everything he had showed us and much more knowledgable about what we had seen. He is an expert guide but we felt as if we had spent the day with a friend. From our delicious lunch, to awe-inspiring places, Warren 's tours are a must-do. Meeting Warren and taking his tour was definitely one of the major highlights of our trip.”

Bobbie Coursey